an action-exploration, retro sidescroller about holographic bunnies in space


On a cold and peculiar night, the Holobunnies are celebrating their sister Avril's return to the family. After working all day to rebuild their starship, they gather around a cozy campfire to enjoy some time together. Unfortunately for them, something turns up to stop the party. Something really big and hot and filled with lava: a volcano! This is where the adventure begins...

  • Challenging and rewarding platforming - because we love hard games
  • Use each of the Holobunnies' unique abilities to make your way through lots of planets
  • Mighty and not-so-mighty boss battles
  • Gather monsters' souls to acquire new emotions and use them to unlock places, deal with enemies and more~
  • Discover collectibles and items to change your look and the way you play
  • Capture monsters with Avril and make them fight!
  • Heavy and melodic soundtrack


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Holobunnies will be released on PC, Mac and Linux in 2016.Download the demo!

meet the devs!

Claude Jr.Labonte LefebvreGame Design, Music & SFX

Game Design, Music & SFX

I'm game designer and audio artist for Holobunnies. The quality of our game is reflected by the number of genitals we're able to hide in it.

Romeo Jr. LabonteProgramming, Music

Programming, Music

I’m Roméo and I usually hit keyboards in quick, synchronized successions to create code. This code then turns into really cool games. I use all the tools at my disposal to get the most out of what we design. I also use computers to make music!

PJ RivasArt Direction, Art

Art Direction, Art

My name is PJ and I utilize my tablet and strategic dragging of my mouse to produce pixel art, doodles, sketches, you name it! I have an affinity for game design, and combining that with some semblance of artistic creativity gives me a leg up! I'm a strong believer in the evocative and emotional power behind video games, and am excited to bring my abilities to the table!

Luciana Nascimento(2013-2016) Art Direction, Art

Art Direction, Art

Lu is the extraordinarily good pixel artist and art director for everything Holobunnies related. Got her powers using a Wacom pen at a crossroads on a full moon night. She's adorable but likes to kick some ass and chew bubblegum.